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“Artists have an important role to play in the return of the hat” – Liberation


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Fashion sociologist Frédéric Monneuron explains why hats are in decline and how they might come back into fashion.

Per Frederic Monneuronacademic and fashion sociologist, author sociology of fashion (What do I know?, March 2021), it is clear that the fashion for hats has puffed up. But the hat style could resurface if worn by a charismatic performer.

Since when did hats start leaving our heads?

At the beginning of the 20th century, the great couturier Paul Poiret simplified fashion, in particular by ridding women of the very bulky hats they had worn in the last century. Heads were still covered in the 1920s, for example with a cloche hat, boyish-style cap or cap, at any rate much simpler and more elaborate hats. But by the 1950s, hats had practically disappeared from the everyday wardrobe of French women. In churches where women were required to enter with their heads covered, the tradition was lost. These days, even most flight attendants don’t wear hats anymore. The evolution of the male part is more or less the same, with some small returns, like in the 70s, following the rock stars. This gradual disappearance is reminiscent of the recent disappearance of another accessory: the tie, which also tends to disappear.

How to explain this slow decline?

One of the reasons is very…


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