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“Art, food, sport, lifestyle”: Lille’s street of culture returns in March 2022 at the Comptoir Hirondelle.

In particular, you can try your hand at skateboarding at a festival dedicated to urban culture.
In particular, you can try your hand at skateboarding at a festival dedicated to urban culture. (© Illustration / Pixabay)

After the first release in June 2021, the event Lille culture street returned to Lillethem Friday 4 and Saturday 5 March 2022. urban culture will be widely represented there!

Art, food, sports…

It’s not just a good shopping plan or cultural event. The event, which will take place at the Comptoir Hirondelle in early March, will invite you to experience the city’s culture through art, food, sports and in general everything that is connected with this environment.

“The goal is to discover and share the urban culture of the Lille region with all residents, as well as with other artists and exhibitors in the form of animations, stands and demonstrations,” announces the team organizing the event.

A dozen figures of local urban culture are invited to the meeting: artists, tattoo artists, food trucks, street athletes, dancers and second-hand sellers.

“Everything has come together for you to discover another facet of Lille street culture. The values ​​put forward are friendliness and sharing,” the organization adds.

Which programm?

Here is the program announced for this release.

Video: now on Actu

in Friday eveningyou can enjoy a great launch party using:

  • from 18:00 to midnight, Supafly Collective DJ setlocal beer, snacks from Le Comptoir Hirondelle and graphic works to win!

For Saturdayhere’s what awaits you:

  • From 10:00 to 19:00: viewing stands used clothes, tattoos, upcycling, fashion, sneakers, vinyl, mobility, designers, graphic artists…
  • come and taste the street food from the metropolisthanks to El Camion, Mora Mora, Faluch’Truck and good beer brewed by Comptoir Hirondelle;
  • “Street Sports!” » by Ekiden Skateshop will be installed. Discover street sports and try: skateboarding, scooters, BMX (on asphalt or on modules);
  • attend live performances by graffiti artistsby: Shorty’man, Hardlip Consumed, DonManShop and more…
  • you can also immortalize street works created by: Hardlip Consumed, Shorty’Man, Pop Kick’s and more…
  • 19:30 to 20:15: AfroDance by Maymouna Dance. Discover this colorful and rhythmic universe in 45 minutes;
  • 20:30 to midnight: young talent show metropolis from ANAE Music.

The Comptoir Hirondelle team has even more surprises in store for you…

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