Arrigo announces the opening of a new travel and tourism office

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Last week, Revere Beach Mayor Brian Arrigo announced Revere’s new travel and tourism office, Next Stop Revere: Land, Sea, or T. Mayor Arrigo subsequently announced Charlie Giuffrid, currently Revere’s Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation. as the new director of the department.

Northeast Regional Vocational School Committee Member Anthony Caggiano, Representative Jeffrey Turco, Travel and Tourism Director Charlie Giuffrida, Mayor Brian Arrigo, and At-Large Revere City Councilman Mark Silvestri.

“With Memorial Day Monday and groundbreaking work at Suffolk Downs, now is the time to lock in momentum. The new Travel and Tourism office, Next Stop Revere: By Land, Sea or T, will generate millions in revenue from visitors to Revere Beach,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo. “The office will promote all of the characteristics that make our city great and act as a bridge to help our businesses reap the rewards. A year-round program of activities – from ice skating to kitesurfing, from holiday markets to light installations – will make Revere the perfect destination for any season.”

Next Stop Revere is the city’s first intentional initiative to generate additional millions in revenue from visitors to Revere Beach. The office will promote all the characteristics that make our city great and act as a bridge to help our businesses reap the rewards.

“Tourism is the third largest industry in Massachusetts and the next double-digit growth sector for Revere’s economy, which is why it is a central investment priority in the American Plan of Rescue Act,” said travel and tourism director Charlie Giuffrida. “At its core, the tourist office is the marketing body of the city; designed to showcase Revere as a destination for local, regional and international tourists. I grew up in the area and even I’m amazed at how much everything is here; There is so much to do that I think it will be a big challenge and a great opportunity to really package the city in a way that hasn’t been done before.”

During Mayor Arrigo’s tenure, the City has opened more than 400 hotel rooms, 110 of which are in the permitting phase and one more is already planned in Suffolk Downs. This, combined with 61 new restaurants and cafes opened since 2016, has generated millions of dollars in tax revenue for our city. The Travel & Tourism Office will only expand these opportunities by working with community partners, stakeholders, and the restaurant and hospitality industry. With plans already laid out for Suffolk Downs, Squire Road and the Riverfront area project, the City of Revere will thrive for the next decade and beyond, providing a better quality of life for our residents and visitors.

The Next Stop Revere team plans to partner with organizations such as FMP Productions, who have historically helped plan and organize Revere…

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