ARL Concept: This French company brings your container house projects to life

You may be like many people who are looking for an atypical home builder, such as a tiny house or a container house, for example, and you don’t know where to turn. More affordable than traditional homes, these homes are becoming increasingly popular with prospective buyers. In Mogio, in Herault, ARL Concept can probably help you realize your project. Since the end of 2021, she has specialized in the sale of built-in containers that you can turn into an office, garden studio, workshop or more… Discover this young company that has not yet finished growing!

What is the concept of ARL?

Do you want to set up a gym, a paint shop, a relaxation area or even a studio for a teenager or an elderly relative in the garden? ARL Concept can fulfill your wishes if they “fit” in one or more shipping containers. All containers used by ARL Concept are end-of-life shipping containers and therefore recycled… Thus, the cost of raw materials is much lower. only on new ones.

beautiful wooden container house
Photo Credit: ARL Concept

Container in the garden, but why?

A sea container has the advantage of being able to be transformed in many ways… It is a “room” in itself, which, after being insulated and equipped, can serve as an office to work away from the noise of home. It can also help you increase your income, for example by offering rooms for rent. Gradually, a new container clientele is emerging. Professionals who want to expand a restaurant at a lower cost, or companies that need additional offices. The container is characterized by the speed of erection, environmental side and of course the cost! A simple car park is enough to add 100 m² of office space in a few days!

Why is it eco-friendly and cheap?

As we have already said, containers are recycled in ARL Concept. In addition, internal insulation and fittings done locallym. Insulators are supplied, for example, by a company located in Carcassonne, therefore they have a short circuit. The company estimates the cost of the studio equipped by them at a maximum of €30,000, i.е. 15-20% cheaper than traditional design. And guaranteed without the use of highly polluting cement! ARL Concept manufactures the container in the workshop, furnishes it and installs it in half a day.

wooden container house concept
Photo Credit: ARL Concept

Main problem: urban planning

ARL Concept explains in an interview provided by France Bleu that the main obstacles are the aesthetics seen from the outside and the rules of urban planning… If inside the clients find themselves as in “the present… .

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