Another tourism target for Thailand is 3,000 Indian tourists per day.

It seems that the Thai authorities are announcing a new target every day. While the Tourism Authority of Thailand is targeting Saudi and Australian tourists in Phuket, TAT also announced a target last week for Thailand as a whole: 3,000 Indian tourists a day.

TAT aims to achieve its goal through various promotional campaigns and special travel incentives. TAT claims that wedding tourism has become popular with Indian visitors to Thailand and now has a target of 400 wedding tourism related events this year. Around 300 Indian weddings have already been booked this year, mostly in Phuket.

Government spokesman Thanakorn Wangbunkongchan said Indian travelers could generate up to 22.5 billion baht in revenue for Thailand. Indians already make up Thailand’s largest tourist group this year, with 100,884 Indians arriving in the country between January 1 and May 24.

In Phuket, most visitors to Thailand come from India, Australia, Singapore, the UK, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, the USA, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The news comes after TAT announced last month that it plans to target “wealthy tourist groups” as it develops its marketing plan to revive Thailand’s battered tourism economy now that travel restrictions are slowly easing. TAT claims that by targeting “wealthy groups”, 1.93 trillion baht will be received in 2024, although the number of tourists will be lower than in previous years.

TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn said TAT will promote Thai tourism through new tools such as Thailand’s “soft power” (discreet, indirect promotion through the media and influencers). He believed that the Thai tourism industry would recover “very quickly”.

In recent weeks, TAT has announced plans and initiatives that seem to be aimed at promoting tourism in all corners of the earth. Saudi, Australian and European tourists. Last month, TAT visited the Netherlands, Belgium and France as part of a road show promoting Thailand to Europeans.

SOURCE: National News Bureau of Thailand | thai world pbs

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