Angie Harmon ‘would like’ to reprise her role in ‘Law & Order’ | Entertainment

Angie Harmon “would like” to reprise her role in The Order of the Law.

The 49-year-old actress, who played Assistant District Attorney Abby Carmichael on NBC Litigation for three seasons from 1998 to 2001, is interested in “doing an arc or something” on the Dick Wolf-produced show, which was recently updated. and renewed for season 22.

Angie told Entertainment Tonight that when the show was resurrected for season 21, she said, “I would love that. I said, “Listen guys, I mean, I would like to do an arch or something.

She added: “I would like to go back to Abby. She was so fun and wonderful” before saying that she loves Sam Waterston, who played her boss, District Attorney Jack McCoy, who often argued with Angie over their different views, and “the whole group.”

The former Law Order: Special Victims Unit guest star called her time on the franchise “a really, really great time” in her life.

Angie said: “Just know that it was a really great time in my life. I mean, what a great time to, you know, start an acting career,” before joking that Abby could fit into Jack’s shoes, saying, “That would be perfect. Just hold on to everyone.”

Angie, who has daughters Finley, 18, Avery, 16, and Emery, 13, with her ex Jason Sehorn, a 51-year-old former NFL star, shared that she was drawn to her latest project, the Lifetime movie Buried at Barstow was the maternal “primal instinct” of her character, Hazel King.

She said: “What attracted me most about Burst at Barstow was the way a mother takes care of her child. [and] such a primal instinct.

“This is something that cannot be forced. It cannot be faked. It’s just something so natural and I think every parent understands that.”


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