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Amazing house consisting of 3 “solar” containers served by 2 connecting corridors.

Do you know the site Living big in a small house ? This website was launched in 2013 by Bryce Langston has become a benchmark in terms of tiny houses or container houses… The man does not build anything, but started a program on YouTube in which he explores tiny houses, container houses, tree houses or even converted vans from all over the world. Every week a new episode is posted online, allowing you to discover the magnificent homes often built by their owners. This New Zealand channel now has over 4 million subscribers and 550 million views since its inception. Today, Living big in a small house is an international channel that is successful in North America and Europe… Let’s get acquainted with the three episodes of this channel that deserves to be known in France too!

3 container houseAmy as well as Richard

Amy and Richard live in Victoria and have turned three shipping containers into a large and very functional home. Everything about this container house is thought out to be practical; the small space that the container gives does not allow for expansion on the surface. Container HouseAmy and Richard connected to a system of six solar panels (two per container), giving it electrical autonomy. The couple also collects rainwater thanks to an impressive recovery and filtration system. The interior is beautifully decorated and you almost forget that they are shipping containers at the start!

Richard and Amy are a dynamic young couple who wanted to build a home that would allow them to make their own decisions in life. Not wanting to burden themselves with a big house and a lot of debt, the couple decided to design and build a small container house that would allow them to live the way they want.

This home consists of three 6m shipping containers connected by two central corridors. “Floating” roof protects the house from the sun’s rays to keep you cool during the summer months. It also houses many panels that provide a significant portion of the energy a family needs. As for rainwater, it is collected on the roof and stored in two large tanks located at the back of the house.

In the future, the couple plans to expand the house when they need more space, and the house is designed in such a way that expansion is possible. To learn more about this build, visit the modhouse

House of 3 shipping containers
Photo credit: (screenshot from youtube)
House with 3 containers and solar panels
Photo credit: (screenshot from youtube)

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