Airlines have canceled 4,500 flights and the number continues to rise

  • Flight delays and cancellations are disrupting many travelers’ plans for the holiday weekend.
  • As of Sunday afternoon, more than 1,100 flights had been canceled ahead of Memorial Day.
  • That’s on top of another 2,300 cancellations on Friday and 1,500 on Saturday, AP reports.

Thousands of flight delays and cancellations are disrupting the plans of many passengers this holiday weekend.

More than 4,500 airline flights around the world have been canceled since Friday. Airlines canceled another 1,100 flights on Sunday, according to FlightAware. This follows 2,300 cancellations on Friday and 1,500 on Saturday, according to the Associated Press.

Of the flights canceled on Sunday, more than 300 were flights within, to or from the US, according to FlightAware.

Among major US carriers, Delta Air Lines reported the most disruptions in recent days. On Saturday, the company canceled about 250 flights, or 9% of its flight schedule, and delayed 530 flights, or 19% of the day’s total, according to FlightAware. As of Sunday afternoon, Delta had canceled 150 flights and delayed 150 during the day.

Delta told Insider on Saturday that the airline is trying to notify customers of flight cancellations 24 hours in advance whenever possible.

“In addition to the factors outlined in our press release, our schedule today reflects the strong impact of adverse weather conditions and yesterday’s air traffic controller actions,” the company said in a statement.

In a follow-up announcement Sunday, Delta said it is “notifying customers via Fly Delta app notifications, email and text messages and automatically rebooking them to the next best available option to their final destination.”

Delta’s Chief Account Officer Allison Osband said in a press release Saturday that the airline is being impacted by several factors, including labor shortages, rising COVID-19 cases among employees, and weather and air traffic control.

“More than at any time in our history, the various factors currently impacting our operations…result in performance not always meeting the standards that Delta has set for the industry of late…

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