Airlines are bringing back most pre-Covid inflight dining options: Travel Weekly

With planes clogged again, US airlines have largely resumed the on-board food and drink offerings that they turned down in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, several cuts remain in place, either to save money or due to supply chain issues.

On June 1, United became the latest U.S. carrier to make a significant reintroduction of on-board food and beverages when it brought back first-class hot meals on 800-plus miles of essential flights, replacing the packaged sandwich it served in-flight. pandemic. On the same day, the carrier also resumed the delivery of cold tray meals to United First customers on regional flights. And on international flights, from June 1, three-course meals in the Polaris business class cabin on long-haul United flights have resumed.

Other full-service airlines outpaced United. Delta resumed hot meal delivery on domestic first class flights in March after American did the same on domestic flights lasting over three and a half hours in February. Alaska was way ahead of both of them when it reintroduced homemade hot meals to first-class customers last July. Last November, JetBlue updated its Mint full-service cabin dining experience when it resumed oral in-flight bookings.

A multi-course meal like this, consisting of sirloin beef, twice-baked potatoes, baby spinach, and roasted nutmeg, was introduced in American's long-haul flagship business class.

A multi-course meal like this, consisting of sirloin beef, twice-baked potatoes, baby spinach, and roasted nutmeg, was introduced in American’s long-haul flagship business class. Photo: TW, photo by Robert Silk.

American and Delta have also resumed three-course service in their respective Flagship and Delta One international business classes.

The history of domestic economy cabins is somewhat more complicated, although all of the major US airlines, including Southwest, have added up the standard free snacks as well as alcohol sales.

American, however, has not brought back its larger menu of food for sale in main cabins.

“Right now it’s Pringles and almonds along with alcoholic beverages,” spokeswoman Leah Rubertino said, adding that no timetable has been set for a wider reopening.

Delta has brought back most of its core products for in-cabin sales, including various snack boxes on flights of 900 miles or more that carry items such as beef jerky and Ghirardelli chocolate.

The carrier will soon announce additional main cabin offerings, a spokesman said.

United has a variety of snacks and snack boxes to purchase on flights over 500 miles, and on flights over 1,500 miles, the carrier offers more substantial items, including chia seed pudding for breakfast and a burger BBQ for afternoon and evening flights. .

Alaska said it was the first U.S. carrier to reintroduce fresh food and snacks for purchase in the main cabin and, unlike some competitors, offer meals on flights no longer than two hours.

“Unlike other airlines, our F&B offerings have become iconic with our signature fruits and cheese…

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