After a two-year lull, mango tourism will soon resume

After a two-year lull, mango picking tourism is back with a bang as Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Corporation (KSMDMCL) is ready to open registration for two farm visits from June 12.

talking to DHKSMDMCL MD CG Nagaraju said registration for the first batch will begin soon.

The board plans to run more tours based on the response.

“The first batch, which is due to start on June 12, is designed for 90 people in two batches. Two farmers from Srinivasapura signed up for the event,” said Nagaraju.

The Mango Picking Tour was an annual event before the pandemic and attracted many seniors and children. A short trip to the mango farms around the city will give the townspeople an idea of ​​how the fruit is harvested. Visitors can pick the fruits directly from the tree and enjoy them.

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“We saw many grandparents come to the farm with their children. It was the turn they were looking forward to,” added Nagaraju.

However, this year’s tour may be limited by delayed harvest and unseasonal rain. “We are a little wary of the weather conditions, because after the rain it becomes slush on the farms. So we are doing it slowly,” he said.

“Also, since schools have already reopened, enrollment may drop slightly,” KSMDMCL said.

The tour was attended by many companies who plan to invite their employees to team building, and KSMDMCL is already receiving requests for the same.

In addition to KSMDMCL, many farmers have privately opened their farm doors to visitors. “Many clients are interested in such tours and that is why we allowed them to come and pick fruit and experience the joy of harvesting,” said Bhaskar Reddy, a farmer who grows almost 20 varieties of mangoes on his farm near Kolar.

The farmers also provide a discount of up to 20% for those who visit them.


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