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A TF1 report dedicated to Elisabeth Fauré, the self-taught woman who built her frame house for only 35,000 euros.

In a recent report on houses in A, TF1 returned to the incredible challenge that EElizabeth Fore, a 65-year-old retiree who started building her own frame house. As a reminder, frame houses appeared in the US and Canada in the 1960s. They are mostly found in forested areas and are mostly self-built. In France, Elizabeth Fore a bit of a pioneer of the house in A, and she shares all the stages of its construction on the Youtube channel, which has almost 14 thousand subscribers … Discover or rediscover the incredible storyElizabeth Forebecome a “star” of social networks and at home in A!

Miracle Elizabeth

Favorite phrase of this 65-year-old woman: “if i can do it, you can!“. Elisabeth’s house is located in Lusignac, in the Dordogne, and for nine years the retired architect has been building his house step by step in the shape of the letter A! In the report, she explains that she should not be afraid of work, because this construction still required a lot of effort from her over two years, and short nights … But, she also claims that she loved every second of this construction. … With a budget of only 35,000 euros, she would never be able to afford a traditional home… The result is clear and, as Elizabeth says, “everyone deserves to have a home, she built it with her own hands!

Self-build: 65-year-old architect builds charming
Elizabeth Fore. Photo: Morgan Lonay
How to build a frame house for less than 35,000 euros?
House in A by Elizabeth Faure. Photo: © Simon Lenoir

Elizabeth Foresocial media star!

When she started her project, Elizabeth noticed that many people were interested in her house. Initially, she would show off at any moment to those who showed up. But word of mouth helped, there were more and more visitors … The idea came to her then, helped Morgan Loneyjournalist, shoot short parodies in which she explains all stages of construction…

With a frankness that can only seduce, Elizabeth is as natural and raw as her universe! And, of course, the lessons of this woman with a big heart are available for free. Frame houses, also known as “teepee houses”. existed for centuries; in the Alps they are also called chalets, and in the Auvergne they are called burons. Some are sold for millions of euros, while at the start €15,000 was enough for their construction. Elizabeth will not trade it, as her goal was simply to provide herself with a roof over her head. Now she shares her knowledge with anyone who finds it useful!

How to build a frame house for less than 35,000 euros?
Photo: Morgan Lonay and Elizabeth Fore.
How to build a frame house for less than 35,000 euros?
Photo: Morgan Lonay and Elizabeth Fore.

How to build your house in A?

Of course you can follow Elizabeth Fore as well as…

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