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A new travel trend has swept the country

BISMARCK, North Dakota (KFYR) — With world travel reopening, North Dakotas are following a national trend that has come up with a new phrase, “Journey of Revenge.” A journey of revenge sweeps the country.

The Glass family is delighted to rekindle family ties.

“We need to see some, but now we will see them all together, so for the first time since COVID, so it will be exciting, so yes,” said traveler Christy Glass.

They go to Panama Beach for a reunion.

Travel increased prior to the pandemic, and these numbers reflect travelers from North Dakota.

“I’m so happy, I’m happy that people can get out and explore and I can work again,” Cassie Stagier said.

The term “journey of revenge” may seem negative, but it’s actually a really positive trend.

“The journey of revenge is everyone who couldn’t go, they want to go, they want to get out and go on a trip,” Glass said.

Travelers who booked a holiday this year are already looking forward to 2023.

“In two years, we are planning our first post-COVID cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary, so excited about it,” Glass said.

There are several reasons why travel is gaining momentum.

“Quite a few of the countries we travel to frequently have lifted restrictions so no vaccinations are required, no pre-travel tests – you can just drive,” said Staguier.

An Expedia survey found that 60% of consumers planned to travel domestically and 27% overseas in 2022.

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