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A magnificent house-container, consisting of trading modules arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

Do you know The Hygge Box Hop: Hocking Hills in Rockbridge, Ohio, USA, commonly referred to as Hygge? Nope? It might be ok because Ohio is a bit far from France!!! Know that if you want to experience life in a container house during one of your trips to the States, hygge is one of the best options. these alternative habitats, which are a real hit on Airbnb, for example. So in this very wild corner of Ohio in the United States, you can stay at Emily and Seth Britt’s container house. Built by the Box Hop team, it has the amazing feature of having two chimneys. Opening!

Hygge house exterior

This home was built and designed over a year before arriving at this superb residence… It has two Focus fireplaces, one inside and one outside. The famous Gyrofocus fireplace, suspended inside the living room surrounded by bay windows, is clearly visible from the outside. She looks like a flying saucer and she gives Charm to this container house. A house that was built with 3 x 40ft containers and three x 20ft containers… Finally, to complete the visit from the outside, it has an impressive terrace to enjoy all the panoramas visible from the house.

Gorgeous black container house from the front
Photo Credit: Airbnb
Side of a gorgeous container house
Photo Credit: Airbnb

Hygge house interior

There will definitely not be any extra space in this house… The interior decoration is completely inspired by the Scandinavian style, even if it is located in the heart of the Ohio forest. From the bay windows surrounding the house, there is a breathtaking view of the forest and the colors that it acquires depending on the season. An outdoor fireplace allows you to enjoy the terrace even on cool evenings. It has a huge living room, five double bedrooms, four balconies with a total area of ​​112 m²… Do not forget to mention private sauna and hot tub which can accommodate 6 people for relaxation. The hosts note that access can be difficult due to winter weather conditions… Consider renting a 4 x 4 if you are renting it in the winter, and have a bank card ready with excellent funding!

How much is a night in this house?

When you ask Airbnb about the pricing and availability of this home, you quickly realize that it’s not available for all budgets… On the night of June 22-23, for example, you’ll have to pay 961€ all costs included… And apparently from 1uh January it will no longer be possible to rent one night, but always two. It is 1690 € to rent this house. For this price, you will still have the right to enjoy 36 benefits: panoramic views, mountain,…

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