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The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is indeed true. Frequent travelers may know this best. An image can do more than take us back to a point in time – it also takes us back to that place. Especially now that we have easier access to quality photos thanks to advanced smartphone cameras, our lives are more photographed than ever.

But what happens when you get home? Whether your photos are digital or printed, you need a way to organize them. A handful of the best photographs may end up on the wall, but there are dozens, if not hundreds, or even more. thousands especially since you need somewhere to live. Here are some ways to ensure your travel photos don’t get lost or forgotten by travel experts who have amassed quite a large collection. And then don’t miss 10 US Islands You Should Add to Your Wish List – No Passport Required.

travel photography book

Creating a photo album of your travel memories by place, event, or vacation year is a great way to keep your photos in top shape. Almost like a less elaborate scrapbook, though digital elements can replicate some of the qualities of these scrapbooks, photobooks are a fun way to celebrate your travels. Jenny Lee, founder of Go Wanderly, loves this method of organizing her travel photos.

“Photobooks are a modern interpretation of classic albums, but there is no need to collect them together,” Lee said. “You can even order these prints from your phone or computer, saving you the hassle of visiting a print shop or store! This means you are just a few clicks away from creating professional-quality photobooks that can be displayed at home and shown to guests. , or give your friends and family a unique and meaningful gift. However, you should learn how to shoot better holiday prints with your smartphone in advance so that the images match the quality of the book.”

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Women's DIY scrapbooking

Scrapbooks have long been a favorite pastime for artisans around the world. Every person is unique, something captures that person’s aesthetic, and touching all of your photos gives you a special moment to relive your favorite memories. Jane Spurin, travel blogger for Jane’s Midlife Journey, has been scrapbooking her travel photos for nearly 50 years. These books are not limited to travel, they are devoted to many important events in her life.

“All my tickets, brochures, postcards, bracelets, beer coasters, etc. end up in my scrapbooks,” she explained. don’t really show up as such, but they’re all equally linked and labeled – thanks to the pandemic!”

travel photo frames

Organizing your travel photos is as easy as picking your favorites and putting them on display and storing the rest in boxes or other storage. Thus, you…

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