30 French Companies to Explore Entertainment Investment Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: The Federation of Saudi Chambers of Commerce, represented by the Saudi-French Business Council, will host a high-level French delegation representing the entertainment sector tomorrow to discuss the prospects for Saudi-French cooperation in the entertainment sector and related fields, and come up with funds to increase investment, commercial exchange and opinions on matters relating to the business sector between the two countries.

The French delegation includes 30 business figures and large French companies operating in the field of entertainment in the field of amusement parks, the production of sports goods, electronic games, the construction of entertainment cities, consultations and banks specializing in financing the industry and cultural and humanitarian heritage.

A total of 100 business owners and specialized Saudi entertainment companies and the federation’s national entertainment committee are planning to attend a meeting with French delegates to discuss commercial and investment partnerships between the two parties and review available entertainment opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Arabia.

The federation stressed the importance of the visit to strengthen the partnership between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and France in this important sector of the economy and to take advantage of the wide investment opportunities it provides, as well as to localize international best practices and knowledge.

This visit is in light of the developments observed in the entertainment sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, where the contribution of the entertainment sector and related sectors is expected to reach 4.2% of GDP by 2030 and provide 450,000 permanent and temporary jobs, where the tourism sector achieved a growth rate of 14% and the number of companies operating in the entertainment sector doubled to over 1,000 companies.


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