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3 Ways to Eat Mangoes – Family Friendly Restaurants – 5 Foods You Shouldn’t Put in a Box: Discover our selection of Walloon gourmets

“Come Back”

What I see this week in my Wallons Gourmands report, would we get into the crisps mystery? Of course, this is not about the recipe, but about that fierce desire that takes over your body when you swallow the chip. Do you understand what I am talking about? This demonic taste, which is commonly referred to as “return to it.”

Don’t laugh, this is very serious. A researcher from Amsterdam asked a question and, not wanting to spoil you, explains, in particular, three words: salt, fat and sugar. All mixed with our brains and crispy chips…

But I’m wondering, Ms. Researcher… This little taste of a return to this, I meet it not only in a bag of chips. From olives to sausages and carrots. From shrimp to squid and mussels. Chicken, fish and veal… Continue, okay?

So I also started researching to better understand. And I found the answer to the letter G in the dictionary. Like “greedy”: is this a serious doctor?


Tiramisu with strawberries and limoncello


Burger with bacon, salmon and goat cheese

Burger that combines land and sea is original. And with a touch of goat cheese, the dish becomes even more amazing and delicious.


3 ways to eat mango

Did you know that after the banana, the mango is the most consumed tropical fruit in the world? Probably because it adapts to everything.



And you, your “friendly family” restaurants?

Help us discover “family” restaurants in Belgium in a few clicks.
Since dining out with kids doesn’t have to be limited to fast food chains, talk about these places where you can enjoy a restaurant with kids without being (too) disturbed. Signs with a children’s menu, games, infrastructure, a changing table or even a place for prams… In a word, enough to have a good time with the family.


These products cannot be stored in a plastic box

Plastic boxes are so practical that you never think for a second that they may have some drawbacks.


The first “underground” bar, as in the days of Prohibition (video)

This Wednesday, Bistro Belgo Belge opened the Clinic, an addition inspired by the 20s bars that flourished in the United States.


Four-day week in catering: “it’s…


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