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Many of the most famous actors and actresses wear more than one hat backstage. In front of the camera, they can improvise the original script or suggest different lines for their character. It is known that behind the screen, many play a big creative role. Sometimes an actor or actress simply believes in a project and wants to bring it to life, other times the film requires additional investment during production and the studio runs out.

It’s not uncommon for stars to help fund a project they’re working on, although that usually means an executive producer’s credit, not a producer’s. The difference here is that the executive producer doesn’t have to be that “hands-on” in production. The producer – in addition to finding funding for the project – assists with casting, as well as artistic input on the sets, location, and final shape of the film. In short, film producers have a huge impact on everything from the process of making a movie to the culture of a movie set.

There are times when an actor often collaborates with a director, and their role as producer goes hand in hand with that partnership. But it’s rare for an actor to take on the role of primary producer on the smallest details of a production – from pre-production to post-production or, frankly, somewhere in between. However, it happens – perhaps more often than you think.

To this end, Giggster has compiled a list of actors of various ages, races, and expressions who have made at least two films of their own. To be included, an actor must have produced more than one film of his own and be listed not only as an executive producer, but also as a producer or producer and executive producer.

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