10 key travel tips announced in May

The risks faced by travelers traveling abroad are constantly changing, but recent updates made by the US State Department to its travel advisories for selected countries and territories help Americans know what to watch out for and places to avoid. With summer 2022 heading into the summer of 2022, vacationers can rest assured that the days of facing “Do Not Travel Due to COVID-19” recommendations for most of the world are over.

While U.S. officials continue to provide the latest U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) traveler health alerts for each destination when it comes to COVID-19, the latest guidance focuses on threats that are perhaps more unique. for a specific destination, whether it be the risk of crime, terrorism or unlawful detention. About 40 updates have been posted in the last 31 days, but these 10 travelers should be aware of when planning your summer vacation.


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